The following commands were added in 
Initial Release – 1.0.0

Bot Help Commands

${server.tag}badges <@user> – View yours or someone else’s developer-assigned badges
${server.tag}botinfo – View some technical information about this bot
${server.tag}mydata – Get the data the bot has gathered from you
${server.tag}ping – Ping the bot
${server.tag}platinumCheck – Check to see if you have Platinum
${server.tag}prefix [prefix] – Change the prefix for this server
${server.tag}serverinfo – View some basic information about the server
${server.tag}suggest – Suggest something for ${serverVars(“bot-name”)}
${server.tag}support <reason> – Call ${serverVars(“bot-name”)}’s support to this server
${server.tag}staff – View all the staff working on the bot
${server.tag}uptime – View the uptime of the bot
${server.tag}userinfo <@user> – View some information about yourself or the mentioned user

${server.tag}invite – Get an invite for this bot and to the support server
${server.tag}platinum – Donate to ${serverVars(“bot-name”)} and gets some perks

Configuration Commands

${server.tag}config – View the configuration for the server
${server.tag}general-logs [#channel/off] – Set the server’s logs to the mentioned channel
${server.tag}infraction-logs [#channel/off] – Set the channel all the infraction logs go to
${server.tag}muted-role [@role/off] – Sets the mentioned role as the muted role
${server.tag}auto-role {@role/off] – Automatically give members a role upon joining the server
${server.tag}announcement-channel [#channel/off] – Set the channel all announcements go to
${server.tag}accent-color [hex/off] – Set the color of all non-moderation and log embeds
${server.tag}anti-link [on/off] – Enables/disables an anti-link, which deletes most links sent
${server.tag}adv-join [on/off] – Auto-ban users who has an advertisement in their username on join

Fun Commands

${server.tag}8ball – Get an 8ball repsonse
${server.tag}cursed – Get a cursed image
${server.tag}dadjoke – Get a dadjoke
${server.tag}fact – Get a random fact
${server.tag}hex – Get a randomly generated hexadecimal
${server.tag}math – Does a math operation
${server.tag}interesting – Get an interesting photo with a caption
${server.tag}iss – View live information about the International Space Station
${server.tag}meme – Get a random meme
${server.tag}news [country ISO/source] – Get a news article from the provided ISO/source
${server.tag}translate [ZH/FR/DE/EN/ES/RU] [text] – Translate text into the provided language
${server.tag}weather [location] – Get the weather for the specified location

Moderation Help

${server.tag}purge <@User> [messages] – Purges the specified amount of messages
${server.tag}mute [@User] [time] [s/m/h/d/mo] <reason> – Mute the mentioned user for the specified amount of time
${server.tag}amute [@User] [time] [s/m/h/d/mo] [#channel] <reason> – Anonymously mute the mentioned user for the specified amount of time
${server.tag}unmute [@User] <reason> – Unmute the mentioned user
${server.tag}warn [@User] [reason] – Warns the mentioned user with the specified reason
${server.tag}awarn [@User] [#channel] [reason] – Anonymously warn a user, sending the warn embed to the mentioned channel
${server.tag}warnings <@User> – Check your warnings, and optionally those of the mentioned user
${server.tag}clearwarnings [@User] – Clear the warnings from the mentioned user
${server.tag}kick [@User] <reason> – Kick the mentioned user
${server.tag}akick [@User] <reason> – Anonymously kick the mentioned user
${server.tag}ban [@User] <reason> – Ban the mentioned user
${server.tag}aban [@User] <reason> – Anonymously ban the mentioned user

Music Commands

${server.tag}join – Have the bot join your voice channel
${server.tag}play [url/video name] – Play the provided link or search term
${server.tag}volume [1-150] – Adjust the volume of the bot
${server.tag}nowPlaying – View the currently playing song
${server.tag}lyrics [song] – Get the lyrics for a song
${server.tag}queue – View the music queue
${server.tag}skip – Skip the current video
${server.tag}pause – Pause the video
${server.tag}resume – Resume playing the video
${server.tag}stop – Stop the currently playing video
${server.tag}reconnect – Makes the bot leave then join back if you’re experiencing issues
${server.tag}clearqueue – Clear the bot’s queue
${server.tag}leave – Have the bot leave your voice channel

Please noteĀ ${server.tag} is where your server’s prefix for the bot should go. By default it isĀ !.